(Dr.) Fee
Chairman of CGC. He spends his free time teaching children in kumon

Juno Agyemang
Our Chief Financial Officer ensures all money is properly accounted for

2015 -

  1. CGC raised over £6000 for various charities in 2015

2016 -

  1. CGC raised over £5000 for various charities in 2016

​​Raising funds and awareness for charitable  causes

Joel Dela Cruz
Our Chief Charity Supporter - a Pharmacist in Harley street. He  ensures the Charity Champions are doing the right things to get the right venues and best deals


recent programs

Raised ​Awareness and over £5000 for various charities in 2016. 

Ask not what your community can do for you but what you can do for your community


Davis Kunihira
Also known as the scissors is the lead for Rules and Handicap. He ensures no one gets the same point on same handicap for too long

Members / friends

More than 50 friends of the club, who go the extra mile for us each month and make the difference in the lives of thousands.

our leadership team

Foundation History

Francis F.

Sheyi Lisk-Carew
Chief Media & Marketing ensures we are well represented in UK, ensuring we reach people one tweet at a time

mission & vision

To create opportunities/events for golfers to morally and financially support Charities & Humanitarian organisations, thereby creating awareness for their work and raising funds to support their activities

Gives golfers the opportunity to support good causes - while we play the sport we love...