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Play with various members/friends around your area and make a difference to a charity.

​​CharityGolfClub (CGC) gives golfers the opportunity to support good causes while we play the sport we love.

Every month, we host a golf charity tournament. All funds raised are given to the charity for the month.Join us now to make a difference.

To create opportunities/events for golfers to morally and financially support Charities & Humanitarian organisations, thereby creating awareness for their work and raising funds to support their activities.

Join Us

Francis Folorunsho

Francis is a community builder.

WHEN: 12pm, Saturday, 5th May 2018

VENUE: Blakes  Golf Course, Essex

CGC is a group of golfers who enjoy playing golf and are passionate about giving back to society.

We organise charity tournaments  monthly to raise funds and awareness for different charities globally. Please come join us at this event to raise funds and awareness for the work of  Community Beavers.

We always welcome people willing to support in any way. Simply get in touch if you want to help.

  • August : TransHaven
  • September: Community Beavers
  • October: Jairus Jiri
  • November: CAFOD
  • Summer Matchplay:  Mind
  • Winter Matchplay: 

Meet Our Team

our  Golf Charity Tournaments for 2019

Sheyi Lisk-Carew

Business optimisation and process improvement guru with a passion for supporting young stars. Sheyi is Head of Media & Marketing

​​Raising funds and awareness for charitable  causes

  • March 3rd: Carer's Hub
  • April 20th: Orphanage
  • May 18th: Menningites Now
  • June : Transformation PowerHouse
  • July : Sickle Cell

Juno Agyemang

Online Internet whiz kid with a passion for helping the poor. Juno is the Head of Finance